Keystone Electronics is introducing a new packaging for their diverse selection of Quick-Fit PCB terminals.
These new, male tab terminals are specifically designed on a continuous reel to be compatible with standard automated insertion equipment – reducing assembly and processing time.

Manufactured from Brass with Tin-plate, these new Terminals ensure easy installation & soldering to a PCB.
They are packaged on reels as a “drop in” replacement for existing product.

P/n 1287-R for ¼”-wide Male Tabs with .312″ height above the board. For a terminal with additional solder joint strength and designed to keep the terminal perpendicular to the board during and after soldering, p/n 1287-STR and for taller tab requirements, request p/n 1289-STR which is .540″ height above the board.

These products are available thru Ramses – Keystone Europe MEA+India HQ. distributors network.