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Keystone Europe MEA+India - 3581 & 3582

SMT & THM Maxi “Auto” Blade Fuse Holders.

Keystone Electronics full line of fuse clips and holders now includes low insertion force, reliable and compact automotive blade fuse holders for Maxi style Automotive Blade fuses.

These new holders are available in Surface Mount (p/n 3582) and Thru-Hole (p/n 3581) configurations to accommodate MAXI 299, MAX, APX or equivalent fuses in a variety of design applications.

Manufactured to assure secure positioning during soldering, these holders also features fully insulated clips to protect fuses and reduce assembly time. Insulators are made of PA9T Black Nylon with Tin-Nickel Plated Copper contacts to withstand shock and vibration.

Voltage rating is 500 VAC and 40 Amps current.

These products are available thru Ramses – Keystone Europe MEA+India HQ. distributors network.