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SMT Fuse Clips with Kapton Tape.

 The addition of Kapton tape across the top surface of Keystone Electronics SMT fuse clips provide a more secure part for vacuum pick-and-place assembly systems. By applying Kapton tape across the top surface of the fuse clip, you create a flat and uniform surface that enhances the grip and stability of the clip during […]

SMT & THM Maxi “Auto” Blade Fuse Holders.

Keystone Electronics full line of fuse clips and holders now includes low insertion force, reliable and compact automotive blade fuse holders for Maxi style Automotive Blade fuses. These new holders are available in Surface Mount (p/n 3582) and Thru-Hole (p/n 3581) configurations to accommodate MAXI 299, MAX, APX or equivalent fuses in a variety of […]

Slide-In PC Mount Battery Contacts.

Keystone Electronics once again met the increasing demands for higher energy, lower weight cylindrical battery usage with the introduction of our latest leaf spring contacts. These new contacts are designed to slide-into molded cases with wire leads or mounted directly onto a PCB as a SMT Contact. Engineered with a contact design that adjusts to […]

Multi-Use, Snap-On Connector Straps.

Keystone Electronics introduce a new male and female 9 Volt snap-on connector straps. They can be used as traditional male and female connections for 9 Volt battery design applications. In addition to 9 Volt battery use, these contact straps can be used for snap on / snap off connectivity applications in equipment, devices and automotive […]

New SMT Low Profile PCB Edge Connectors.

Keystone Electronics has a new series of SMT PC Board Connectors designed to pass signals or power across PC Boards are the latest connectivity devices available from Keystone Electronics Corp. Quick and easy to set-up, these space-saving SMT connectors have a horizontal orientation making them uniquely suitable as parallel board-to-board or board-to-component alternative options for […]

Low Profile 20700 & 21700 Lithium-Ion Battery Holders.

New series of low profile, SMT and THM Lithium-Ion holders for 20700 & 21700 batteries to meet increased demands for higher energy, light weight, rechargeable batteries for new generations of electronic products. Ruggedly built and durable, these compact holders feature low profile, heat resistant UL 94 V-0 Rated Nylon housings with Stainless Steel contacts that […]

Grade 2 Titanium “Head Cap” Screw.

Grade 2 Titanium “Head Cap” screws from Keystone Electronics are 40% lighter than carbon or stainless steel with a high strength to low weight ratio. These screws are offered in Metric & Imperial thread sizes from M3 to M6 & from 2-56 to 1/4-20 with various lengths. Keystone Electronics Titanium screws are manufactured per DIN […]

SMT & THM UL Recognized Male PCB Quick Fit Terminals.

Innovative Male PCB Quick Fit terminals designed by Keystone Electronics to hold up under repeated mating cycles are manufactured from Brass and supplied with a Tin Plate. Available in SMT as well as horizontal and vertical THM configurations. The space saving design makes them ideal for use in dense PCB boards and offer easy access […]

Coiled PC/Case Mount Battery Contacts.

To support the increasing demands for higher energy, lower weight cylindrical battery usage, Keystone Electronics has introduced our latest coil spring contacts designed to slide-into molded cases with no wire lead, direct placement onto a PCB. Engineered with a contact design that adjusts to variations in battery length, these contacts assure low contact resistance and […]

SMT Metric Threaded Standoffs.

Keystone Electronics has introduced a new series of metric threaded standoffs specifically designed and packaged for use on PC Boards in the same manner as other SMT components. Manufactured from steel with a tin plate, these standoffs can be added to the board using the same SMT equipment used to populate the board, reducing scrap […]