Keystone Europe MEA+India - 260 & 268

Multi-Use, Snap-On Connector Straps.

Keystone Electronics introduce a new male and female 9 Volt snap-on connector straps.
They can be used as traditional male and female connections for 9 Volt battery design applications.
In addition to 9 Volt battery use, these contact straps can be used for snap on / snap off connectivity applications in equipment, devices and automotive environments.

These connectors allow for easy and secure connectivity of devices; supplied with an insulated vinyl covered base to reduce short circuit and contact tampering potential. The male stud connector, p/n 268 or the female socket connector, p/n 260 both feature Brass, Nickel Plated contacts for a reliable, low contact resistance battery connection. Rated for up to 2 amp, 120 VAC.
Connectors are each supplied with a 152.30mm long #26 AWG wire, 1007 UL/CSA approved. Wire ends are stripped and tinned for simplified installation.
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