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Keystone Europe MEA+India - 3581 & 3582

SMT & THM Maxi “Auto” Blade Fuse Holders.

Keystone Electronics full line of fuse clips and holders now includes low insertion force, reliable and compact automotive blade fuse holders for Maxi style Automotive Blade fuses.

These new holders are available in Surface Mount (p/n 3582) and Thru-Hole (p/n 3581) configurations to accommodate MAXI 299, MAX, APX or equivalent fuses in a variety of design applications.

Manufactured to assure secure positioning during soldering, these holders also features fully insulated clips to protect fuses and reduce assembly time. Insulators are made of PA9T Black Nylon with Tin-Nickel Plated Copper contacts to withstand shock and vibration.

Voltage rating is 500 VAC and 40 Amps current.

These products are available thru Ramses – Keystone Europe MEA+India HQ. distributors network.

Keystone Europe MEA+India - 5232 & 5233

Slide-In PC Mount Battery Contacts.

Keystone Electronics once again met the increasing demands for higher energy, lower weight cylindrical battery usage with the introduction of our latest leaf spring contacts.
These new contacts are designed to slide-into molded cases with wire leads or mounted directly onto a PCB as a SMT Contact.

Engineered with a contact design that adjusts to variations in battery length, these contacts assure low contact resistance and dependable connectivity.
Manufactured from .30mm thick, Spring Steel and supplied with Nickel Plating for superior performance in today’s high tech devices.
Contacts are designed to accommodate A, AA & CR2 cylindrical batteries.

Single cell application, p/n 5233, dual cell applications, p/n 5232.

These products are available thru Ramses – Keystone Europe MEA+India HQ. distributors network.

Keystone Europe MEA+India - 260 & 268

Multi-Use, Snap-On Connector Straps.

Keystone Electronics introduce a new male and female 9 Volt snap-on connector straps.
They can be used as traditional male and female connections for 9 Volt battery design applications.
In addition to 9 Volt battery use, these contact straps can be used for snap on / snap off connectivity applications in equipment, devices and automotive environments.

These connectors allow for easy and secure connectivity of devices; supplied with an insulated vinyl covered base to reduce short circuit and contact tampering potential. The male stud connector, p/n 268 or the female socket connector, p/n 260 both feature Brass, Nickel Plated contacts for a reliable, low contact resistance battery connection. Rated for up to 2 amp, 120 VAC.
Connectors are each supplied with a 152.30mm long #26 AWG wire, 1007 UL/CSA approved. Wire ends are stripped and tinned for simplified installation.
Keystone Europe MEA+India - IP65 Battery Holders

New IP65 Water Resistant AA Battery Holders.

Keystone Electronics has met the increasing demands for water resistant and reliable AA battery holders with the introduction of our latest covered plastic battery holders.

These self-contained battery holders can be placed on or off a board, or between components, cards or anywhere within a case or piece of equipment as spaces allows. In addition to portability, these devices also feature coil spring contacts to compensate for variations in battery length and to securely hold batteries in place, assuring positive, low contact-resistance connections.

Engineered with sealing gasket to provide a watertight compartment for AA batteries, these self contained battery enclosures are IP65 rated for water, dust and other harsh environments. Manufactured for increased durability from molded ABS, the contacts are nickel plated spring steel. Included in these enclosures are 6″ long #26 AWG pre-tinned wire leads for simplified installation and a built in, sealed, on-off switch for additional product security.

Keystone’s new waterproof battery holders are available in configurations to accommodate 2 AA cells (p/n 2438), 3 AA Cells (p/n 2439) or 4 AA Cells (p/n 2440).

Want to know more about Keystone Electronics Densi-Pak Covered Battery Holders? Check the product page.