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Keystone Europe MEA+India - 6100 & 6102

New SMT Low Profile PCB Edge Connectors.

Keystone Electronics has a new series of SMT PC Board Connectors designed to pass signals or power across PC Boards are the latest connectivity devices available from Keystone Electronics Corp.

Quick and easy to set-up, these space-saving SMT connectors have a horizontal orientation making them uniquely suitable as parallel board-to-board or board-to-component alternative options for power or signal transferring. These new connectors are designed to provide low profile circuit linkage and minimal footprint for high-density, high current PCB packages on power and aluminum backplanes. All PCB soldering applications, including reflow, may be utilized.

P/N Type Packaging Material Plating
6100 Male Bulk Phosphor Bronze Gold Plate
6100TR Male T&R Phosphor Bronze Gold Plate
6102 Female Bulk Phosphor Bronze Gold Plate
6102TR Female T&R Phosphor Bronze Gold Plate
3579 Male Bulk Brass Matte Tin
3579TR Male T&R Brass Matte Tin

*The female sockets are equipped with side guides for additional reinforcement to minimize PCB movement when installed.

All Tape and Reel parts are packaged per ANSI/EIA-481 standard for compatibility with most vacuum and mechanical pick and place assembly systems.

These products are available thru Ramses – Keystone Europe MEA+India HQ. distributors network.