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Keystone Europe MEA+India - Solderless Terminals

Solderless Terminals.

Keystone Electronics offers a variety of solderless terminals in an array of types, sizes and materials to accommodate a broad range of applications.

These solderless terminals are ideal for rapid wire termination without sacrificing versatility in a design.
Manufactured from Tinned Brass or Copper to accommodate 22 AWG to 10 AWG wires, there is a Keystone Electronics solderless quick fit terminal for every application.

Cost effective, quick-fit female and male tab terminals are available in insulated and non-insulated styles to accept mating terminals or receptacles on boards, terminal blocks or Keystone Electronics battery holders.

Forked tongue style terminals are ideal for use on free-standing studs or terminals blocks as they lie flat against the barrier portion of the terminal block minimizing space.

Ring style terminals provide connectivity security as they can only be installed and removed from a device by removing the mounting screw they are attached to. Ideal for use with Keystone’s Screw Terminals.

These products are available thru Ramses – Keystone Europe MEA+India HQ. distributors network.